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UHLIG has manufactured and supplied piping components such as pipe bends, T-pieces, pipe reducers and pipe supports for industrial facilities including power plants and plant construction for over 100 years. In 1997 UHLIG extended the product range to weld-cladded components for boilers and heat exchangers, and is the European leader in this field.

Company Profile:
When weld cladding tube-web-tube walls, individual pipes and flanges are plated up to a length of 10m using the latest welding technology in order to obtain a corrosion and erosion protection. UHLIG is able to design, manufacture and assemble complex boiler components especially for waste incineration plants. In the area of pipe bends, UHLIG specialises in very small radii and T-pieces in a variety of manufacturing processes.

Customers and Market:
Pipe bends and T-pieces are sold worldwide. The customers include national and international suppliers for gas, chemicals or petrochemicals. Service companies and incinerator operators are also among the customers for weld-cladded components.

NORD Holding's Participation:
NORD Holding acquired the company in 2010 as part of a succession plan together with management and a Hanoverian family business.

UHLIG Holding GmbH
Investment: Succession Plan
since: 2010

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