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The Engelmann Sensor GmbH is one of the European market leaders in electronic meters for the measurement of heat and water.

Company Profile:
The Engelmann Sensor GmbH was founded in 1976 and acquired by a family business in 2002. Since then the company has become one of the European market leaders in electronic meters for thermal energy. The range of products, including electronic water meters, radio modules and the newly developed heat cost allocators, covers an important part of the smart metering market. With approximately 150 employees Engelmann produces at its headquarters in Wiesloch (Baden-Württemberg) and in China to serve the local markets.

Customers and Market:
The market for high precision electronic meters produced by Engelmann is growing very dynamically because of energy efficiency becoming increasingly important. Engelmann Sensor's knowledge gained in over 30 years of experience in the field of heat meters contributes to energy efficiency measures being undertaken all over the world in the strive for sustainability and the preservation of limited resources. Today Engelmann is selling its products to more than 25 countries.

The Engelmann costumers are service providers for meter-reading and their clients from the housing industry.

NORD Holding's Participation:
The former owners sold a majority stake in Engelmann Sensor GmbH to a consortium consisting of NORD Holding and capiton AG (Berlin) as part of their succession planning. In cooperation with Engelmann, NORD Holding and capiton will pursue a growth strategy in Germany and continue the expansion in international markets.

Engelmann Sensor GmbH
Investment: Succession Plan
since: 2014

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