NORD Holding acquires trouser specialist Hiltl

NORD Holding acquires trouser specialist Hiltl

Hiltl Abteilung im Peek & Cloppenburg in Wien

Within the framework of a succession arrangement NORD Holding Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH is acquiring all the shares of Fritz Hiltl Hosenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, which is headquartered in Bavaria, Sulzbach-Rosenberg. The seller consists of the joint heirs of Hedwig Hiltl, who passed away in 2014.

The incumbent General Manager Martin Merkl is remaining on the team, and going forward he will be supported in management by Andreas Wölfer, erstwhile Manager of Liebeskind in his position as further General Manager. Executor Markus Schock gave the following comments on the transaction: "We are delighted to have found in NORD Holding a partner with target-oriented concepts in harmony with the value structure and identity of the long-established Hiltl brand. NORD Holding possesses distinctive know-how in the fashion business, making it the ideal Hiltl partner."

Some details on Hiltl (www.hiltl.de):

Hiltl was founded in 1955 and became a specialist in men's trousers, standing to this day for tradition combined with contemporary aesthetics, craftsman - like perfection and very exacting quality standards covering materials, processing and production. "We seek to be not the largest, but the best" is the corporate philosophy that to this very day underlies the development of individual hand-made designs.

Matthias Kues, speaker for NORD Holding management, states the name Hiltl stands for craftsman-like perfection, the highest quality standards and client-oriented fashion inspirations. "It is exactly this combination of tradition and innovation that appeals to us about Hiltl", Kues enthuses. With NORD Holding in the background Hiltl is well-placed for further growth, as domestic and international distribution partners become more closely tied to the Hiltl brand. This aspiration stands to be reinforced with modernisation investment plans for the Sulzbach-Rosenberg facility as a basis for future growth.

In 2015 HILTL is on target to achieve turnover of some € 25 million, with Germany, Austria and Switzerland accounting for 61 % of this figure, closely followed by the USA with a 14 % turnover share. Hiltl boasts excellent growth potential with its database of over 1,000 clients in fashion retail and its high-quality mail-order and online businesses.

These days each year sees production of in excess of half a million high-quality trousers for export to in excess of 40 countries throughout the world. Beyond the Sulzbach-Rosenberg headquarters production takes place exclusively at European facilities. Hiltl has a contemporary reputation as a premium international trouser brand for men with discerning individual tastes.


Some details on NORD Holding:

Over 45 years of experience has elevated NORD Holding as one of the leading equity investors in sophisticated consumer items. The company focuses on structuring and financing schemes for corporate succession, on acquisition of company units and subsidiary companies and on expansion financing for medium-sized enterprises. Investments in NORD Holding are held by several North-German savings banks, public insurance bodies and benefit organisations and Norddeutsche Landesbank. In a divergence from the majority of other financial investors, who tend only to manage funds limited by time, NORD Holding acts as a so-called "evergreen fund" without time limitation, and investment is made from the company balance sheet, enabling participating companies to develop without external time pressure and to achieve their growth potential. At the present time the company is involved in 20 companies across Germany and in German-speaking countries abroad. Through its umbrella fund division NORD Holding has invested € 500 million in investment companies with emphasis on European countries, and so offers participating companies an international network.


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