Succession Plan

Who should run my business in the future and take over my life's work?

You have built up, successfully led and developed your business over many years. Now you want to retire from the board and are faced with the question of how to manage your company succession in the foreseeable future. An internal family succession is not an option. Or are you an entrepreneur faced with the situation that among your shareholders one or more partners for reasons of age, strategic reasons, or simply because of different ideas about the management want to retire.

NORD Holding can help to develop a tailor-made solution model with you in this often difficult situation. The medium-sized structure of your company is retained and it will continue to operate independently in the market. You also retain the opportunity to participate to the further success of the company with a financial commitment in the future.

The possible takeover models allow experienced managers to join together with financial investors and acquire your company in a joint transaction. On the one hand the managers may act as executives who already work within your business, but do not themselves have the financial resources to purchase the company directly from you. In this case we are talking about a management buy-out (MBO). On the other hand it may also involve executives who possess the necessary industry experience and expertise, but so far have not worked in your company. We call this a management buy-in or MBI.

NORD Holding can take over a variety of tasks and guide you through the entire process during this transaction. Besides the creation of the takeover concept, the provision of equity and loan capital, contact to other investors (co-investors) can be established if necessary. Due to our large network, NORD Holding can make contact with the best managers for your business and find the right specialist and consultant for tax and contract law for you. Our comprehensive expertise and experience are essential in such a complex project and we naturally provide both without restriction.


Breitfeld & Schliekert GmbH

With a total of approximately 90 employees, the B & S Group is a market leader in the distribution of small parts, tools, and grinding machines in the ophthalmic field.

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