Growth Financing

How can I secure the existing success of my business in the future?

You run a medium-sized company which has already been operating in the market for some time. To ensure your company's success to date in the long term you face changes and the implementation of strategic decisions. You want to take over a direct competitor in your industry, develop new business segments or markets or push innovation from idea to the market to increase your company's significance in the market.

Or you face the challenge of changes in the global environment. You need to respond to the challenges that a common European or global market, the opening of Eastern Europe to Western technologies and market structures, shortened product life cycles and an intensified global competition demand with a forward-looking corporate policy.

However, the financial resources are not sufficient to implement these measures and face the challenges by themselves. Additional external financing is needed. We develop a customised financing plan with you based on your detailed investment planning. The specific structure of the participation model is calculated according to your personal needs and the business-related economic conditions as well as your tax situation. NORD Holding is available for all your questions as an expert advisor and financial partner.

The goal of our partnership is to increase the value of your business significantly and sustainably through sales and profit growth. In addition to the financial commitment, we can support you with all strategic decisions in the implementation of acquisitions and with financing issues. If your company has very good growth and profit opportunities in the medium to long term and your management team and you have the necessary creativity and assertiveness to meet the next challenge, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


A. Berger GmbH

A. Berger develops fabrics for digital printing and distributes them worldwide.

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