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The NWD was established as a holding company for the promotion of SMEs in the business area of savings banks (Sparkasse Osnabrück and Kreissparkassen (local savings banks) of Syke, Verden and the County of Diepholz) in 2000.

Company Profile:
In addition to loan financing and in the context of rising capital requirements in the companies, the instrument of equity financing needs to be strengthened. 

Customers and Market:
With their financing expertise as equity investors, NWD supports the growth financing of SMEs in the business sectors of savings banks. NORD Holding supports these efforts with their investment expertise. 

NORD Holding's Participation:
NORD Holding has been involved with NWD as a partner since 2000.

NWD NORD-WEST DEUTSCHE Unternehmensbeteiligungs-
gesellschaft mbH
Investment: Strategic Investment
since: 2000
Contact person:
WJessica Deutsch

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